Cat6 Patch Cables

Cat6 Cables - SnaglessCat6 Patch CablesCat6 Cables - Snagless Design - are today’s standard for RJ45 gigabit Ethernet cable. Cables For Less’ Cat6 cable solutions are great to work with as they are made with UTP copper cable (which makes each patch cord more flexible) as well as a molded and snagless boot on each end (which lets you more easily pull each patch cable through other Ethernet network cables while minimizing cable snags). Available in a variety of lengths, from half a foot to 100 ft while including popular lengths such as 6 ft, and a variety of colors, from red and blue to black and white, these Cat6 patch cables are our bestselling product and work with any standard Cat6 routers, patch panels, and switches! Ethernet cables come in several varieties, but Cat 6 snagless patch cables deliver fast reliable data at 550Mhz speeds which makes them ideal for gigabit Ethernet applications, so get your Cat 6 cables here!

Do note that these are our more affordable unshielded Cat6 ethernet patch cables. If you have a network in an environment with a lot of interference such as near end crosstalk, consider viewing our shielded high speed cable lines using the menus above. They are also capable of being used in a snagless installation but have STP connectors to reduce interference.