CLOSEOUT - Cat5 Direct Burial Cable Solid 350MHz-Black

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32.00 LBS

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Over the years Cat5, Cat6 (and most recently Cat7), and their various permutations have become the staple of Gigabit Ethernet connections, campus networks, and operating systems that demand high speed, even in high interference environments. Sometimes such installations require cable routes that travel beyond the safety of the indoors and call for cables that can withstand the elements themselves. Enter our Bulk Direct Burial Cat5E Cable, these spool-in-box packages provide you with 1000 feet of direct burial-rated, 4-pair, solid, 350 Mhz Cat5E Cable, ready for termination and outdoor/indoor routing. Simply pull the length required for your installation straight from the box and terminate at your leisure. These boxes are a great aid in large scale network installations and a must have for buried and/or outdoor cable lengths. So let us help you make the fire-safe connections you need, and help us save the world... from high priced cables. 



  • 350 Mhz, solid, direct burial-rated Cat5E cable
  • 4 pair, 24 AWG (gauge)
  • Un-terminated, shielded
  • 1000 foot length
  • Black in color
  • Spool-in-box- pull what you need, as you need it
  • Flame retardant- type CM
  • Exceeds EIA/TIA 568, UL, CSA, and ISO/IEC 11801 specifications

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