Custom 10 foot 3.5mm M-M ext tip

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This cable combines Amphenol® connectors with Belden® 1508A Brilliance cable for a superior audio cable. The connectors are available with a choice of gold or nickel plating and each has a black chrome shell with a black matte rubber grommet. The extended tip on these connectors makes them suitable for plugging into most smart phones, tablets, and sound devices that have a protective case or that are inset. Quite often standard connectors only plug into devices that are without protective cases. The connectors have a standard 3.5 mm stereo male plug but behind that plug is a small six mm (less than ¼ inch) that can fit inside most cases. That ring extends for 3.1 mm to allow for good insertion.

Cable specs:

  • Belden 1508A Brilliance audio cable
  • 24 awg, tinned copper wire, twisted pair, 7x32 stranding
  • Belfoil® Aluminum foil-polyester shield 100% coverage
  • Outside jacket- pvc flexible black matte, polyolefin insulation
  • UL temperature rating- 60 degrees C
  • Maximum current rating- 1.05 amps per conductor
  • Maximum operating voltage- 300 V RMS

Connector specs:

  • Amphenol brand 3.5 mm stereo (TRS) male plug
  • Shell finish-black chrome
  • Contact finish- gold plating or nickel plating
  • Overall length-51 mm
  • Tip diameter-3.5 mm, 6 mm behind tip, 10.3 mm at largest shell diameter
  • Insulator-PVC