Hand Made 3' White USB A-B Cable

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0.10 LBS

Custom USB 2.0 A-B Cables

Hand made in the US by Cables For Less employees!


Our custom USB cables are built with Belden™ 8723 cable that is made in the U.S.A. This cable is an excellent choice to use between computers and audio DACs. (Digital to Analog Converter) We use gold plated USB connectors and do all soldering in house. The cable has a pvc jacket that we cover with a nylon mesh for durability and appearance.


Cable specs: 

22 awg tinned copper individually shielded pairs, 7x30 stranding
2 pairs plus 24 awg drain wire 7x32 stranding
Characteristic impedance, 52 ohm
Nominal capacitance, conductor to conductor 33 pf/ft
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