MTP® MPO OM4 12 Fiber Trunk Type A 10M

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We display an expanded assortment of high-density MTP®/MPO multifiber solutions (MTP®/MPO cassettes, MTP®/MPO cable and fan-outs, Panels.) The MTP®/MPO jack is the most shortened jack applicable for multistrand fiber cables.

Our Plug-and-Play MTP®/MPO Trunks provide OM4 backbone cabling for your complete system. These high count trunk cables are pre-terminated with 14 core MTP®/MPO jacks and support an effortless and effective technique to pull great collections of fibers in only a single cable (from 14 to 146 Fibers available upon demand). These trunks can be plugged into each MTP®/MPO cassette or Distribution frame. They are entirely suitable for each MTP®/MPO system on the market.



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  • Polarity Methods For MTP System
  • Polarity Method A (B and C available upon request)

  • Connector complies with IEC-61754-7 and TIA/EIA-604-7
  • Insertion Loss (Typical): 0.3 dB
  • Insertion Loss (Maximum): 0.6 dB
  • OM4 Fiber (OS2, OM2, OM3 Fibers Upon Demand)
  • Assembled from ruggedized tight buffer fiber cable
  • Microcore double jack, high crash resistant cable
  • PVC Jacket (LSZH, Plenum Upon Demand)


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