Super High Quality 3 foot DB 25 male to six male RCA connectors for 5.1 sound

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0.25 LBS

Pin 1 left 

Pin 14 left ground 

Pin 2 center 

Pin 15 center ground 

Pin 3 right 

Pin 16 right ground 

Pin 4 Low frequency signal (subwoofer) 

Pin 17 Low frequency signal (subwoofer)

Pin 5 left surround 

Pin 18 left surround ground 

Pin 6 right surround 

Pin 19 right surround ground



This DB 25 male cable to six male RCA connectors is made with Belden© 1855A coaxial cable with Canare© connectors. Each individual cable is marked for the appropriate speaker in a 5.1 surround sound system.