Super High Quality 6 Foot DB9 To 3.5mm Custom Video Cable

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0.30 LBS
Specially made Video Cable for Polaroid®'s PDC-300, Fun! 320, & Fun! Flash 640 cameras. Made with top quality materials to insure top quality transfer of your Pictures/Videos. This particular cable is an excellent example of what's custom cable department can do for you. Let us know what you need by contacting a Sales representative by E-Mail or by Phone: 800-273-9556. Cable Pin-Out is as follows: a. Connect DB9 pins 7 & 8 together b. Connect DB9 pins 1, 4, & 6 together c. Connect DB9 pin 5 to sleeve / base connection of 1/8" stereo plug d. Connect DB9 pin 3 to ring / middle connection of 1/8" stereo plug e. Connect DB9 pin 2 to tip connection of 1/8" stereo plug Pin Specifications: 1 Carrier Detect (input) 2 Receive Data (input) 3 Transmit Data (output) 4 Data Terminal Ready (output) 5 Signal Ground 6 Data Set Ready (input) 7 Ready To Send (output) 8 Clear To Send (input) 9 no connection