USB 1.1 Over Cat5e Extension Repeater

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USB technology has changed the ways we share data among devices and with advent after advent USB has proven to be a highly versatile connection. As an avid user, it sometimes occurs that you do not need a new cable, simply a longer cable. This is where USB repeaters come into play; these devices simply plug into your current USB connection and amplify the signal, repeating it over a longer distance and to your desired destination device. This variety of repeater allows for extra long extensions, up to 150 feet, by making use of Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 cable- it consists of two pieces of a local unit, one with USB type A male for the host device side, and another with built-in USB type A female connector for the remote device side, these two pieces are linked together via Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 cable and your USB connection is made! No external power required. USB 1.1 compliant.

USB Extender Over Cat. 5


MFG Part No. :  30U1-12400-BP


Features :

  • Compliance with USB 1.1 specification.
  • Support for any full-speed (12 Mb/s) or low-speed (1.5 Mb/s) USB device.
  • Embedded USB 1.1 transceivers prevents signal loss
Upstream (S) :  USB Type A Male x 1
  RJ-45 Jack x 1
Downstream (R) :  USB Type A Female x 1
  RJ-45 Jack x 1
Type : USB Extender
Adaptor Color : Black Color

Please Note: Required Network Cable is not included.

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