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24 Port Cat 6 Patch Panel
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24 Port Cat 6 Patch Panel


We at Cables For Less appreciate the vital and truly central role that networking systems fulfill on-campus at everything from government buildings to college grounds to large and small businesses to laboratories everywhere. These networks have come to represent nothing less than crucial data transmission and ultimately, communication itself in these ever-advancing systems. So it follows that the means to organize, connect, and maintain networking systems are equally important. Our 24 Port Cat6 Patch Panel is designed to ease organization of cables at connection points in server rooms for networks utilizing Cat6 cables. Use of these panels increases accessibility, protects cables to ensure proper functioning, and neatens general appearance and presentation in your server room. So let us help you operate, organize, and access your network connections and help us save the world... from high priced cables.


  • 24 Port Cat6 Patch Panel
  • Type: 180 degree
  • Wiring: T568A and T568B
  • Black in color

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