Wall Plates

Surface Mount BoxHDMI Single Wall Plate

Nothing finishes an electronics system installation like customized wall plates for your in-wall cable runs, especially a professional cable installation method that anyone should be able to complete themselves, without the need to call an electrician! This page contains all our wall plates which have been assembled with many popular connector combinations. These include our HDMI Wall Plates that feature one or two HDMI jacks, Single or Dual RJ45 Mount Boxes designed to house and organize one or two RJ45 Cat5 connections, Decora Wall Plate Inserts by PowerBridge® which give your home theater that professional look, and so much more! Our professional quality wall plates and accessories help you finish these jobs with ease and efficiency. These Wall Plate features one or more connection points for any appropriately sized in-wall cable run. Most of our wall inserts/plates are ready for installation upon delivery and fit any standard mounting box (they will state so on their product pages).

F-Type Jack Wall PlatePowerBridge Decora Insert

This handy option allows you to hide the cables that make your system work. Easy installation and high-grade construction make these plates the perfect solution for finishing touches on your network configurations. Use these simple yet reliable and effective Wall Plates to give your installation a professional feel and look. Professional networking is taken to a higher level of functionality when your equipment is neat, organized, and protected. Try our Wall Plate Inserts, they give your installation a professional appearance and functionality while providing a reliable and super clear connection for the appropriately formatted devices. So, get just the right wall plate insert for your custom job to let us help you complete your custom wall plate installation by establishing neat, highly functional, and organized cable runs while not only avoiding breaking the piggy bank but actually saving a few dollars at the same time!