Bulk Coaxial Cable

Audio and Video Cable

Bulk Coaxial Cable is most commonly used for distribution of video signal supplied by cable tv or satellite providers. RG is an acronym for "radio guide." Our RG6 cable can be used in many applications due to its durability against Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and outdoor elements. At Cables For Less we carry a wide selection of 1000ft bulk RG6 cable that can be ran underground as well as run up the sides of buildings when needing to connect to satellite dishes or other devices. Some of the varieties we carry RG6 quad, CCS, and plenum. Build your own coaxial cables with our bulk cable. We also have listed RG59 bulk coax cable. Have a big project, our RG6 Coaxial cable is available with quantity discounts! If you need further assistance on coax cable, please reach out to one of our sales representatives at 800.273.9556. To learn more about setting up a CCTV system, click here.