Custom Video Cables

Plenum CCTV CableDB9 To 3.5mm Video

Below are some of the specialized video cables we have made for some of our other customers. For example, our DB9 To 3.5mm Video Cable was specially designed to be compatible with Polaroid®'s PDC-300, Fun! 320, & Fun! Flash 640 cameras while our 25-foot CCTV cable was produced to provide quality security camera service while adhering to the NFPA’s standards. These are just two examples of what we are capable of building at Cables For Less.

Don't see exactly what you need?

At Cables For Less, we build a wide variety of custom cables. We do custom serial, null modem, audio, video, RF, ribbon, telephone, telecom, and others. We will do our best to provide top quality cables at reasonable prices.

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