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Use a shielded ethernet cable available here help to prevent interference that may be caused by nearby electrical wiring and fluorescent lighting. These Category 7 cable solutions can easily exceed the speeds of the standard Ethernet cables we offer (CAT5E CAT6 CAT6A) and are our fastest premade patch cables for sale, though in our bulk section you can also find spools of CAT7A and CAT8. Do note that, to get the most out of these CAT7 Ethernet cables, every piece of equipment in your network must support CAT 7 gigabit Ethernet speeds and the inclusion of any CAT6 cable or accessory could slow down the rest of the Ethernet network. Once your CAT 7 network is set up, you can safely enjoy speeds in excess of any CAT 6 network as the shielding on each CAT7 LAN cable will reduce the effects of interferences such as crosstalk.