Network Cable Explained

At CablesForLess, we offer three categories of network cable: fiber optic cable, bulk CAT cable, and networking cable. Click on the pictures to view see all of their product category pages or read more about each of these options below!


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Fiber Optics Cable

Out of many options, our fiber cables are best for your high speed networks! We offer a variety of fiber network cable products such as conditioning, singlemode, multimode, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, 6 fiber, 12 fiber, and pigtail cables as well as connectors, patch panels, testing supplies, DIY kits, fan out kits, cassettes, trunks, and cleaning products to maximize your network's potential.


Bulk CAT Cable

Our bulk CAT cables work well for a variety of networks! We offer the affordable CAT5, the standard CAT6, and the powerful CAT6A network cable. They are all available in solid, shielded, or plenum formats and, in addition, the CAT5 and CAT6 patch cable products are available as stranded cables. Finally, we offer heavy duty high speed specialized cables including outdoor, direct burial, and aerial cords.


Ethernet Cable

Our networking cables are perfect for your internet network! We sell CAT 7, CAT 6A, CAT 6, CAT 5/CAT 5 e Ethernet cable. Our ethernet cables also come in a variety of formats to fit your needs such as snagless, crimped, bootless, shielded, slim, and plenum. Our specialized products include crossover and outdoor patch internet cable lines. Finally, we also provide keystone jacks and other network accessories.


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