DIY Wall Plates

Keystone Connector Firewire

Toslink Optical Audio ConnectorChoose from hundreds of inserts and templates to build the perfect wall plate for your application! You can use the menus to the left to learn more about our face plates and plate inserts, or you can view our Toslink and Firewire Keystone Jacks below. Nothings lends an air of high functionality and professionalism to electronics installations like in-wall wiring. Whether at home or in the office, plugging directly into neat and convenient wall plates for all of your connections simply feels better. Finding the right parts for your custom wall plates represents the final modifications that make your installation truly your own. Our Toslink and Firewire Keystone Jacks occupy one keystone sized opening in blank wall plates and allow you to add the jacks you need in your configuration, jack by jack.