Cat6a Cables

CAT6a cables are quickly gaining popularity amongst those who need speed and reliability. We have a wide variety of CAT6A Cables in-stock in warehouses within the United States, saving you both time and money by reducing shipping costs. These ROHS compliant CAT6-A cables (The A stands for Augmented) are made using 28 gauge wire which makes them smaller than most and therefore easier to work with. When compared to our other products, such as CAT6 v CAT6a, the CAT 6a wiring is noticeably faster and is ideal for 10G networks.  On the other hand, standard ethernet cable category CAT6 speed can also reach 10G, but loses speed more quickly than CAT6A cables do as the cabling gets longer. You can view the different types of ethernet cables, such as CAT 5 wiring and UTP patch cables, we sell by clicking on the Networking tab above or by reading about their differences here: or check out wikipedia.