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Power Extension Cord

Power Extension CordIf we know anything here at Cables For Less, it is that electronics systems configurations require a myriad of components to function properly. This is precisely why we tirelessly search for variations of every cable type, peripheral device, connector, adapter, power source, and more; we want our catalog to reflect any and every need that electronics users may have. Of course, power sources represent the most basic of needs in system configurations. This is why our shielded three-prong extension cords allow you to easily extend computer and other peripherals power cables. The PSU cable (power supply unit) is used to supply power to computers, hard drives, and power supplies. The PSU extension cables on our website are heavy duty 16AWG cords that are fully molded for durability. The 5-15P is a standard found on power cords that is used to connect small appliances into a wall outlet. We carry regular PSU extension cables that are male to female. Also listed are the CPU power cord and the power strip liberator Y-Cable. These quality cables provide the perfect solution when power outlets are not conveniently located nearby. If you need a longer length, larger quantity, or do not see the computer power cables you are looking for, please reach out to our sales representatives at 800.273.9556. So let us help you make the connections you need and help us save the world... from high priced cables.