Micro HDMI Cables


Here are the Micro HDMI (also known as a Type D micro connector) products available on our website. We carry Micro HDMI to standard HDMI cables (Male to Male) in several lengths that allow you to transfer or view media from your smart phone, tablet, or other HDMI D (micro) ported device to any HDMI A (standard) ported device at lightning-fast speeds that reach up to 10.2gps! Enjoy unmatchable error free data transmission with one easy to connect cable, or view and listen to content from your HDMI micro-fitted device on your HDMI compatible entertainment system. These micro cables allow for easy media sharing among a slew of digital devices, so try our Micro HDMI A to D cables and enjoy high definition on (a few) new levels!

Adapter / Coupler

However, if you already have a standard HDMI cable, then you may be interested in our adapter that will convert the standard HDMI connector to fit into Micro HDMI ports. Sometimes the smallest components can make the biggest difference when it comes to system configurations! We at Cables For Less know this lesson well after years of assembling and re-assembling devices, so we include as many adapters, converters, and couplers as we can in our catalog to make sure that our clients do not have to fret when they need a connector they may have never seen at the local electronics store! Our HDMI A to D adapter accepts a Standard HDMI plug (full-size, type A), and fits into a Micro HDMI port (type D). Micro HDMI provides High-Definition viewing and allows the connection of devices including smartphones, camcorders, digital cameras, GoPro action cameras, portable media players, and any other small portable equipment with the micro connector. Need more than what our stock level is showing? Please reach out to our sales representatives at 800.273.9556.