Cat6a Cables - White

CAT 6a Ethernet cable can be confusing for some leaving people asking what's the difference between cat6 and cat6a cable? If you're wandering should I buy Cat6 or CAT6A cable well we will try to help answer that question. Is Cat6a faster than Cat6? Yes, Cat 6a ethernet is capable of 10GB speeds. Is Cat6a good for gaming? Of course it is, faster connectivity can make all the difference. Cat6a (the A stands for either augmented or advanced) is made under stricter guidelines that ensure not only is it capable of faster speeds but can deliver a reliable signal at a longer length than standard cat6 cable, up to 100 Meters! Cat6a is backwards compatible which means it works just fine in conjunction with older cabling and hardware thus making it a little more future proof. If you're not sure which you need go the safer route and get the faster one. Here we offer white CAT6a patch cables in a variety of lengths.