DVI-I Cables

The DVI-I cable is an ideal solution for displaying high-definition video from a television, PC, or any other DVI enabled device. The DVI I cable supports a resolution up to 2560 x 1600. Also, the dual link DVI cable supports transmissions up to 9.9 Gbps (gigabits per sec). DVI-I vs DVI-D is a question we often receive, both support digital signals, DVI-I also supports analog signals along with digital. When asking yourself, “What DVI cable do I need?” If your port has 29 female pins then you will want to go with the DVI-I Dual link cable to utilize both the analog and digital signals, a DVI-D dual link cable has 25 pins and will plug into the DVI-I port but will only get the digital signal. If you need further assistance please reach out to one of our sales representatives at 800.273.9556