Bulk Shielded CAT6A

CAT6A Shielded Cable - Cables For Less carries a complete line of bulk CAT6A shielded cable. Shielded CAT6A cable has a foil shield built in to prevent electromagnetic interference, EMI for short, as well as Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) which can affect the performance (and speed) of the cable. Our CAT 6A shielded cable is made with F/UTP which means it is comprised of 4 unshielded twisted pairs yet is wrapped in an outer foil shield, it must also be properly grounded using the built in drain wire to work as designed. This CAT6A STP bulk cable is perfect for wiring your office, hospital or classroom. Cat6A Bulk cable is capable of speeds up to 10GB and is more than capable of delivering reliable data transmission. Our 10Gb CAT 6A Cable is ETL Listed and RoHS compliant. The CAT6A CMR (riser rated) cable is made of 23AWG SOLID Bare Copper conductors making it a great option for indoor installations where you need both speed and reliability.