Blue Cat5 Patch Cables

Cat 5e cables can be known by many names, UTP cables (which is short for Unshielded Twisted Pair cables), Cat 5e Patch Cables, Ethernet cables or by some, just internet cables because it seems you can't get connected without one. Cat5e is the backbone of most home and small office gigabit ethernet networks. In 1991 CAT5 cable made it's debut and was much faster than anything prior but just 10 years later in 2001 Cat5E (Cat5 Enhanced) was released and was cable of 10 times the speed making it cable of Gigabit Speeds. While we now have CAT6, CAT6A and even CAT7 and 8, most home networks still in use today are limited by their hardware and internet connection causing one to pause before spending the extra money on anything faster that cat5e patch cables. Our Cat5E cables are made with pure bare copper wire and are UL approved. We carry a complete line of different colors and lengths so check out our entire catalog of Cat 5e wire and Accessories; and if you need a Custom built cat5e cable - we've got you covered there as well.