Hospital Grade Cables

Hospital Grade Power Cords available at Cables For Less. Our high-quality hospital power cords are constructed to meet strict standards for grounding reliability, strength, resistance, assembly security, and durability to be allowed to be utilized in a hospital or medical setting to be used on medical equipment. The hospital grade plugs are marked with a green dot to signify that they are certified as medical grade power cords. Our hospital grade cords come in 14AWG, 16AWG, or 18AWG all three have a voltage rating of 125V, all different gauges do have a different AMP rating. The extension cords have the NEMA 5 15PHG on one end and the IEC-60320-C13 on the other end. Connect computer, monitor or other devices to a hospital grade AC wall plug. We do offer quantity discounts on our hospital grade rating power cables. If you need further assistance on the hospital grade cords, please reach out to one of our sales representatives at 800.273.9556