Custom AES/EBU Cables

An AES digital cable is a balanced digital interconnect cable used to transfer digital sound such as Dolby 5.1 or PCM from a player to a receiver or amplifier. The standard was developed by the Audio Engineering society Hence the AES and EBU is short for European Broadcast Union. To learn more about AES EBU cables, click here. Our cables use a quality 110 ohm American made Belden™ 1800F cable in a flexible PVC jacket. While these are built to transmit digital signals they will serve the same purpose as a standard XLR cable and can be used with analog equipment such as microphones and instruments. On the other hand however it is not recommended to use a standard XLR cable with digital equipment as they are unlikely to have an impedance of 110 ohms which is required to carry the AES digital waveform. AES cables are used most commonly in professional recording studios. Typically these cables come built with one xlr male to xlr female connectors, at our custom cable company, we can build other variations besides your regular xlrm to xlrf upon request, just give us a call if you have any special needs.


Custom AES Cables hand built and made in America!