Bulk Speaker Wire

Speaker Wire, 1000 Foot

Speaker Wire, 500 FootIt is a far too common misfortune that people invest time, energy, and money into a premium audio system only to use sub-standard speaker wire for connections and listen to only a fraction of their system's potential. Ensure that you are getting the most out of your audio entertainment experience by connecting your system with quality speaker wire! Looking to save a few dollars on a large-scale speaker wire run? We have got just the ticket for you in our Economy Speaker Wire selection! Below is the collection of Speaker Cables available at Cables For Less. These speaker cables come in spools of 500’ or 1000 ft. A speaker cord is great for any audio / video project you may have, whether it is loudspeakers, a home theater system, or if you need to make shorter audio cables. These copper wires are fit to connect any standard speaker wire formatted devices and come in the extra-large rolls you will need for those big jobs. If you have further questions on the speaker cable or assistance selecting connectors, please reach out to one of our sales representatives at 800.273.9556 Cables For Less is happy to present our customers with reliable and efficient performance speaker wire at a reasonable price! Invest a few dollars now and rest assured that you are enjoying the true capabilities of your audio configuration. So, shop at Cables For Less to see that high quality does not have to mean high price!