Bulk Control Cable

Bulk Control Cable

A Control Cable is the backbone for many home and office automation installations. Lighting cable controls are what automates home automation and control applications: it is what makes the lights come on, closes the blinds, and locks the doors. Control cables can also be used in a wide range of instrumentation applications as well such as card readers, time clocks and touch panels. While there are many types of access control cable assemblies, there’s just not that many sources for it. It seems there are even less options when it comes to bulk control cable which means pricing can be rather steep. Depending on your needs we carry several types to choose from standard to plenum rated control cable. Typically, it comes with a pair of shielded data cables plus power. The data cable transmits the signal to the device causing the door to unlock, the lights to dim or blinds to close and the power cable is conveniently paired making installation must easier.

Lighting Control Cable 18/2

We offer some of the most common bulk flexible control cable wire for use with lighting control (our lighting control cables), door access, card readers, touch panel and other automation devices (our access control cabling bundles). All our lighting control cables are made with two shielded 22-gauge pure copper wires to transmit data and two smaller stranded copper wires for power. They are 1,000-foot and Lutron® compatible. While the specifics vary, our high-grade lighting control system cables are intended to be indoors where home, commercial and industrial lighting applications or other relevant control cable applications using lighting automation cable is required. They are all ETL listed and RoHS compliant, so they save you time and money when setting up your lighting control panel or an entire smart home lighting control system. They are built with a pair of shielded 22/2 data cables plus two smaller cables for power. As such, our bulk control cables can be used with remotes and systems such as Homeworks®, Grafik Eye®, Athena®, Quantum Systems® and Softswitch®, and ship to anywhere within the United States.

Access Control Cabling

Our access control cabling serves a different purpose. The devices you install with access control flexible cable like ours require thicker gauges to not only supply power but to ensure reliable transmission as well. You don’t want your magnetic door lock or card reader to fail so be sure you get the right access control wire. This ACU cable can be used as card reader cable, control panel cable, security, door locks, alarms, and many other devices relevant to automation and instrumentation applications. Don’t cut corners setting up your access control unit when it comes to the cabling. Some people may be tempted to use less expensive cable such as speaker wire or even Cat5, we highly recommend you do not. Cat5 or 6 should only be used when connecting your ACU to your LAN. If you need the tools and accessories found in cable control kits, consider viewing the Other Items section of our store above which contains solutions such as cable tools and connectors to simplify installation for hardworking folks everywhere.