OM2 Mode Conditioning Fiber

At Cables For Less, we offer a variety of the Fiber Conditioning Cable in OM2. Mode conditioning cables are duplex MMF (multi-mode fiber) cords that utilize a short length of SMF cable (single-mode fiber) at the beginning of the transmission length cable for a 1000BASE-LX Gigabit Ethernet network. Basically, the cable’s laser in the short portion of the SMF is sent to the other end of the single mode fiber that is connected to the MMF portion of the cable. By using MCP cables (mode conditioning patch cables), DMD (differential mode delay) is eliminated. Using an MCP cord can be cost-effective because there isn’t a need for further equipment. We offer the OM2 mode conditioning 50 / 125 fiber patch cable in the LC (lucent connector) ST (Straight Tip connector) or the SC (subscribers connector, square connector also known as the standard connector) in a variety of lengths. If you need assistance with the fiber condition cables, please reach out to our sales team at or 800.273.9556