Shielded Cat6a Cables - Black

Cat6a shielded cables are ideal for use in today's high speed networks that demand both high speed and reliable data transmission. The shielding used in these consists of a foil wrap around 4 pairs of pure 26 gauge copper wire in addition to a fully shielded RJ45 gold tipped connector which keeps problematic cross talk out thus decreasing the chance of data loss. The stringent cat6a standard means that the twisted pairs are wound tighter than typical cat6 cable which allows true 10 Gigabit speeds. They are RoHS compliant and listed by the ETL. Our Cat6a shielded cables are a 10 Gigabit Ethernet cable that is far superior to standard Cat6. Cat6a cable is designed to support frequencies up to 500 MHz, twice that of Cat6, which means they can maintain 10Gbps speed in runs up to 100 meters long.