MPO Fiber


This page contains our different MPO fiber products. Our selection of MPO cables and accessories include standard MPO cables, which are used primarily for data centers, MPO cassettes, which are used to connect those trunk cables to fan out kits, and the fan out kits themselves, which transfer the MPO cables into standard fiber connections such as LC or SC. All of these products are OM3 or OM4 MPO compatible and therefore come in the standard aqua multimode fiber jacket. Most of these products support 12 fiber MPO connector ends but some of them can be altered to support alternatives such as 24 fiber. You can view all of our MPO connector products below or use the menus beside the products to filter for specific MPO patch cable or accessory. Alternatively, you can use the menus at the top of the page to view all of our other products. These include various fiber optic connectors, including fiber optic cable solutions, along with various assemblies beyond fiber connectors.