Custom Guitar Cables

Use Our Custom Guitar Cables With Most Guitars  

We build our own custom guitar cables here in Indiana.

Our Custom Guitar Cable selection is built with the highest quality materials and expertly hand-made to meet your needs. The exceptional attributes of Canare™ GS6 cable paired with Neutrik™ connectors make our custom instrument cable one of the highest quality cables available on the market.

Canare cable is widely renown as the gold standard of instrument cables. From the inside out, they are crafted to create the best sound quality with the lowest loss possible. The Canare GS6 produces a pure, crisp, and accurate tone. The use of oxygen-free copper throughout decreases microphonic handling noise, especially during live performances, where amplifiers are often set to higher volumes. They are also designed to stay flexible in subzero temperatures. The thick PVC jacket gives Canare cable the ability to retain its shape better than most after coiling and uncoiling many times. We offer a variety of PVC jacket colors, always keeping black, red, and blue stocked (other colors can be ordered, which may increase the shipping times). To add some extra strength, protection, and flair, we can cover your custom cables with a nylon mesh, if desired. See the drop-down menus in the Cable Calculator to view your options for custom made guitar cables.

A cable of this high a caliber can only be coupled with a connector that perfectly complements it, which is why we use the Neutrik NP2C. Like Canare, they are specially crafted to produce sounds from a flat response up to 50kHz, a frequency well above the range of human hearing. The sound quality is virtually devoid of cracking, humming, buzzing, and general interference. The hand soldered joints are crafted in a very precise manner which makes them incredibly durable; able to withstand a great deal of severe flexing while retaining sound quality and functionality after many uses. As this location is where damage is most likely to occur, we ascertain special attention to that area. We offer Neutrik NP2C connectors in straight and 90 degree angles.

There is no job a Canare cable with Neutrik connectors cannot handle with ease. Use the Cable Calculator link to begin customizing your best guitar cables. Choose length, connector type for each side, PVC and mesh colors. If you find you need any sort of assistance, would like to request different color and mesh options, or even just want some suggestions about what options are best suited to you, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our knowledgeable staff is more than happy to help create the right custom cable for you!

Though these custom length cables will sound great no matter the genre, they are best suited for those that require a clean, permeating tone. Through the use of warm sounding amps and pedals, you can achieve virtually any desired timbre.  You can read more about the effects that cables have on your guitar here.