In Wall - Long HDMI Cables

Long HDMI Cables built specifically with in wall rated HDMI cable in lengths up to 150 feet! If you're looking for that clean, professional installation then you need an in wall HDMI cable, to do this they must be an extended run hdmi cable and of course there are special requirements that permit these cables to be used in such a way, in other words they must be rated for in wall use which both CL3 rated HDMI and Plenum rated HDMI are. If you’re not sure which is the best hdmi cable for long runs we can help. If you’re just looking for long hdmi cables for sale you may not need hdmi in wall cables however most long HDMI cords are rated for such a purpose.

Our CL3 hdmi cables can be installed in walls and ceilings but if you need to adhere to strict fire codes a long plenum hdmi cable may be required if installed in spaces such as above a suspended ceiling or below a raised floor. Of course the longer hdmi cables are the more the signal can degrade so there are limits. For the ultimate coverage we also carry HDMI active optical fiber cables which can deliver 4k up to 150 feet. So be sure to check the specs so you get the right product and if you have questions don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800.273.9556.