Bulk Direct Burial Cable

Direct Burial Cable

At Cables For Less we have you covered on Direct Burial Cat6, Cat6A and Cat5e bulk cable to keep your fast ethernet up and running. The cables come in a wide variety 24AWG or 23AWG, all listed are black. Some of the more popular choices are a Cat6 cable 550MHz STP (Shielded twisted pair) to limit alien crosstalk, there is a 23 AWG cat6 outdoor cable 2000ft spool that is a waterproof shielded cable. A few questions we are usually asked about the outdoor Cat6 and Cat5 cables are, “Do I really need a direct burial cable?” If you are running your ethernet cable outside, we encourage you to use a direct burial cable due to the risks of the elements damaging your cables. Do not bury regular network cable, it is not made for underground or open air due to the elements and will not last long under tough conditions. “What does CMX rated mean?” It means the direct network wire is mainly utilized for outdoor use (open air or direct burial). We do recommend using a conduit with these cables regardless of the direct burial type. All these burial cords exceed TIA / EIA-568C.2. If you need further assistance on what direct burial cable you need for your gigabit ethernet, reach out to one or our sales representatives at 800.273.9556