Home Office Cable Help


Working from home and finding out that you're not quite as connected as you thought you were?

While it can certainly be challenging at times, we seem to have adapted rather well to this new work routine here at Cables For Less and as such may be able to offer some help.


Using a USB headset and finding out that you need a USB extension or longer cable as a replacement?

Maybe it's the 3.5mm audio cable that you're using and it's already worn out from excessive use, we've got those types of cables.

Printers, scanners and webcams typically all use  USB 3.0 cables and you're finding out that the "universal" part of U.S.B. isn't so interchangeable after all. No worries, if you need a hand you can always call us up and we'll see if we can get you connected.

USB Cables to help with your home office setup.


USB to HDMI Adapter

We here at Cables For Less are in the same situation, we've been there and done that... so perhaps we can help!

Just like most companies across the world we sent our employees home to work as we navigate the new landscape that the covid-19 virus has created. 

If you're missing that dual monitor setup you had back in your cubicle we've got options that can help there there as well so if you need to add a USB to HDMI adapter or some other means to get the setup you want, check us out or give us a call


Of course there's always the power issue, whether it's a simple inexpensive surge protector or power strip you're looking for or a way to charge your cellphone without taking an extra, much needed outlet in the room... we've got you covered.

So next time you catch yourself unplugging one device to make room for another or worse yet channelling your inner Clark Griswold and tripping a breaker as a result, please take the time to deal with the problem properly and get the right tool for the job.

3 Outlet Wall Tap Power Surge Protector With 2 USB Ports


USB to Ethernet Adapter

Perhaps you’re finding out what we’ve long known and that’s that a wired connection is always faster and more secure than a wifi signal yet your laptop doesn’t have an RJ45 port. No worries we offer USB to Ethernet adapters for laptops that don’t have a network jack.

We're there with you, dealing with the same intermittent internet and choppy cellular service.

We've most likely dealt with many of the same issues you're trying to overcome yourself... so give us a call, we've got employees happy to help you out.


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