Fiber Patch Panels

Fiber Patch Panel

Fiber Patch Panel products are typically the interface between multiple optical fibers and optical equipment. Serving as an enclosed termination unit that makes patch cable management, networking, and fiber distribution from wiring closet to various network equipment simpler. These mounted hardware units contain openings in front for multi-port adapters / plate inserts. The use of our Optic Patch Panels ensures that your Fiber Optic cables are protected and routed safely within your network cabinets.

Cables for Less Rack Mount Fiber Optic Patch Panel solutions are 19 inch, 1U Low Profile units designed for simplicity of installation and use with rack mount products and other fiber optic cable assemblies such as our pigtail patch cables. Our Fiber Panels are available with various combinations of LC, SC, ST, and blank adapter plates. They also come preloaded with an internal splice tray to manage your fiber cables and fiber optic connectors.