At CablesforLess.com we try to treat people as we would like to be treated. Giving them only the best in customer service and satisfaction. If you'd like to let us know how your experience was when dealing with CablesforLess.com, e-mail us at sales (at) cablesforless.com.


Thank you to you and your company AGAIN!!!! I found EXACTLY what I needed. I will DEFINITELY recommend you, and use you for ALL of my cable and connector needs. 

Ron, California

I just wanted to say thank you for building your website in a consumer friendly fashion. I did searches all over the internet for a 30 LF HDMI cable and found that prices were so outrageous. **** *** is really "Worst" Buy in the cable department. What a scam!! Not only were they outrageous, the product descriptions were horrible. Your website is terrific and your prices are outstanding in comparison to others...You have a terrific service. Keep up the great service!! 
Thanks again. 
Sincerely, Ron


I recently purchased 3 HDMI commercial grade cables from you. The quality of the cable is exceptional and I must say the price is even better. Comparing your cable with Monster, you win. I'm using the cables on my Sony XBR 40" HDTV and my son's Playstation 3. The picture and sound quality are fantastic. I plan on purchasing additional cables in the near future as I up grade the rest of my old TV's to Hi Def. I will also recommend your commercial grade cables to anybody I know with a HDTV or planning to purchase one. 

Phil, Florida

I am writing to express my gratitude for the outstanding service you provided to my company yesterday.

As we were completing the work on the video surveillance system for the University of Central Florida's new football stadium (BrightHouse Stadium) our field technicians realized we did not have some specially terminated fiber optic patch cables that were critical to the system. With only forty-eight hours left before kickoff of the stadium's inaugural game hosting the University of Texas, we were scrambling to find the correct patch cables. After calling all of our local sources and several online vendors we found Cables For Less through a Google Search.

You willingness to go the extra mile for us is greatly appreciated. We received the correct patch cables this morning and, thanks to your help, 45,000 football fans will be a little bit safer.

Nick, Kentucky

I just want to thank you for your great customer service. When my color of cable was back ordered the sales agent took the time to call the warehouse in order to find one that was in stock and switched my order to that so the order was at my door the next day. Most places wouldn't take the time to do that but they did, and for that I think I found where I will be buying my cable in the future. 
Thanks again, 


What an awesome website! I was looking for the USB cable for my digital camcorder (not even the product website itself had the correct information!) and I Googled my query and found you guys. Your friendly website made it very easy to find the right cable and I will be ordering it today. I especially liked the company pic. Many times, the customer feels like they're talking to someone on the other side of the world who couldn't give a crap about their problem or question. It's nice to know there's real people out there. 
Thanks for making such a user-friendly website.

Howard, Massachusetts

I ordered a 29 foot HDMI cable an after seeing your price compared to my local stores I began to worry that I was getting an inferior cable from you. Not so I was surprised to see the cable and the quality it works just great and I am sharing your site with my friends. Watch for my second order to arrive at your business shortly.

Brian, Missouri

To Whom it may Concern,

I just wanted to write to say thank you for your website and for the great things your business is doing. I have been a customer for a few years and I am routinely impressed with your service, the ease with which I can find things on your website, and how quickly and professionally things run. I'm sure you are very busy and most likely won't get a chance to see this e-mail, but I thought I would give it a shot because someone needs to tell you guys you are doing great!

With HD really hitting full force here in the last few years, lots of stores and companies are trying to prey on customers by selling component cables or HDMI cables at ridiculous inflation without offering cheaper alternatives. I have always been able to find exactly what I was looking for with you guys at a reasonable price. Ordering is simple and I always receive my shipment earlier than I expected.

So that's all. I just wanted to thank you personally for being one or the few online businesses that cares about providing quality products to the customer quickly and for a great price. I have been scammed too many times online, and dealing with a company like Cablesforless.com is always a refreshing experience that I enjoy. I recommend you guys to everyone I know that mentions going to Best Buy or Radio Shack. Keep doing what your doing, you are a great company.

Thanks for all of the hard work,



I'm sending this email just to say how awesome your company is. Your price are the best and the customer service is outstanding. I bought an HDMI cable that turned out to be defective. Unlike any other company I have dealt with, the person I spoke to was very willing to help me replace the defective cable.

I forgot the name of the person I spoke to (i think it was Amy or Tammy), she claimed to be the owners wife. Regardless, she deserves to be praised.

I will make sure to refer everyone I know to your company.

Have a great day and GO Colts...

Customer for life

Daniel, Arizona

Thanks for the quick and thorough response. You are an unusually helpful company. Keep up the good work.

Lisa, Illinois

I just wanted to thank your company for all of the wonderful service they showed me. I had a cable that I needed to return because it broke on me. I called and I believe Tom (?) helped me out. I received the new cable the next day.

Thank you again. 

David, Oklahoma

Your company is the best in every way that I have done business with in the last 20 years.

Thank you. 

Jenifer, Illinois


You guys are awesome! I just ordered these cables yesterday and we have the cables already!

My salesperson was Joyce and was a pleasure to work with. We will definitely keep you in mind the next time we are looking for cables.

Thanks for the GREAT service.

Best regards, 

Arthur, Illinois

Just wanted to let you know what a great job your people are doing.

I called on Wednesday early afternoon with a question, got a quick answer, ordered the parts and it all arrived this Friday morning.

Don't know how they did that but I guess UPS gets some credit. 
Hope this offsets some of the problems people are quick to write.



Dear CFL Sales:

Your company has the best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with in many years!!! Thanks for your response today. Thanks so much!



Just a quick note to say thanks for the great service.

Also want to say congratulations of a well deserved Super Bowl victory.



This is in regards to the order I recently placed with your company. It just came in the mail and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the quick response to my order. I have never heard of your company before. I needed some cables and did a search on the net and up popped your company among others. I saw your claim of reasonable shipping rates on small orders along with good pricing on the products. You came through in both regards. I placed the order on Thursday last week and it was here in the mail on Mandy, using just regular USPS mail service.

The cables were just what I was looking for and the ones I have tried have worked fine. I was pleasantly surprised at the substantial shipping box. I was expecting a soft pack mailer.

I couldn't rate the experience much better than that. I will be looking to you first in the future for my cable/connector needs. Keep up the good job and rest assured that I will pass the word on to my friends who also have cable and connector needs.

Keep up the good job.


Gary, Ohio

I have made an online purchase from you organization on two different occasions. Both times the product and service were outstanding. I tell people of your great service whenever opportunity arises. Thinks for being an establishment that I can count on. I am most appreciative of your great service.



Your stuff is great!

Mark, North Caroline


I think you guys are awesome!! I am not only going to use you guys for all my cable needs, but I will also recommend you to anyone looking for cables.

Thanks again, 



I wanted to take a second to say THANK YOU! For the outstanding layout of your website, shopping cart and checkout process. Thank you again for the great website design and shopping cart process… as well as the GREAT savings on the items I purchased. The total for these items at the local Radio Shack was in excess of $50.

Regards, Sam

Phillip, Maryland

Thanks for handling this order. I received the cable last Thursday and it is exactly what I need.

Great work!


To all:

I wanted to thank you for fulfilling my order #50307 to my full satisfaction. From navigating the web site and ordering, to the cables being delivered. It was easy and convenient. Your pricing was very competitive and I will recommend your company to my friends and family.

Thanks again, 


Thanks for the advice. I bought a 15' cable from you and it works great (and it was really delivered quickly). Wish I had been smarter to begin with.



I placed an order with Cables for Less yesterday for the first time. I was very impressed with the ability to respond with an auto response E-mail message containing the details of my order, and the tracking ability on your website.

Thanks in advance.


I really appreciate the personalized service from you; it's pretty rare! I'll be in touch.



I wanted to thank your staff for there speed. I have never seen a website ship that fast. :)

thank you, 


I would like to extend my hearty Thanks to you for the 15HD VGA Cable. The reception on my SUN Monitor due to the cable is awesome.

Thanks once again. 


Thanks for your help on putting together the necessary cables for the particular equipment I'm getting. That certainly goes "above and beyond" any customer support I was expecting!

Russ, Illinois

I was in a huge bind this morning, needing nine custom fiber channel coupling cables made immediately and shipped overnight to a large customer. I spoke with Robert this morning and explained my situation and he was able to help! His customer services, knowledge and willingness to help was TOP NOTCH! I know that you own and operate a fairly small company in terms of employees, but people like Robert are one of the reasons why you are in business and why your business will grow! I will be sure to come to your company with all of my cabling needs and will pass your name onto my associates. Thank you so much for your help and providing people to work with like Robert!



I recently purchased some cabling from you folks. Thank you, it was exactly what you suggested, I had to go into the DVD player's menu and select component now all is fine.

Thank you so much for your help.


Brenda, Florida

I just wanted to say how happy I was dealing with your company. My order arrived quickly and the cable worked perfectly (the rep helped me spec out what I needed, as I had no clue!) It was a great experience, great phone service and a great price. I will definitely call again with any future needs! Thank you!

Best regards,