Cat5 Cables

Cat V Cable Products - Standard no frills crimped Cat 5e Ethernet cable for sale: here we offer a full line of CAT5 Patch Cables from 1 to 25 feet in length in Black, Gray, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. These Cat 5 cables are simple, well built, and the perfect patch cable for nearly any home or office network needs. There are probably not any other network cable types around that are currently more in use than Cat 5 cable. These days it is known as Cat5e cables (the E stands for Enhanced as they are capable of far more than the original Cat5 Ethernet cable ever was). So, if you are looking for cheap patch cables, these crimped, no boot Cat 5 Ethernet cables are your best bet! If you instead require greater speed or additional features, consider using the menus above to view our cables with snagless boots, our shielded cables which reduce crosstalk interference, or our newer generations of patch cables which include Cat6 cable and Cat6A cable lines. 

Cat V Cable cat5-cable-crimped-black-small.jpg cat5-cable-crimped-white-small.jpg cat5-cable-crimped-blue-small.jpg
Gray CAT5 Black CAT5 White CAT5 Blue CAT5
cat5-cable-crimped-red-small.jpg cat5-cable-crimped-green-small.jpg cat5-cable-crimped-yellow-small.jpg  
Red CAT5 Green CAT5 Yellow CAT5