CLOSEOUT - RG59 + 18AWG-2 Bulk CCTV , 500 Ft

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The world of electronic installation involving cables and peripheral devices is vast and we at Cables For Less do all that we can to make sure our catalog includes any sort of product our clients may ever need for any job. To that end, we make sure to keep bulk capacities of a wide variety of cable types. These 500 foot spools of CCTV Camera + Power Cables are specialized in the "siamese" styling, which joins two separate cables via thin jacket-membrane. These cables feature 20 gauge RG59 Coaxial and 18 gauge 2-bulk power cable, ideal for the user installing a CCTV apparatus. So pick up the specialized cable you need for your installation at Cables For Less and help us save the world... from high priced cables.


  • CCTV Camera Cable + Power Cable is composed of joined RG59 Coaxial Cable and 2-Conductor Power Cable
  • 18 AWG 2-conductor stranded copper power cable
  • 20 AWG solid copper center conductor RG59 coaxial
  • Ideal for CCTV installations
  • 500 foot spool
  • Copper braided shield
  • Flame retardant PVC insulation and outer jackets
  • Impedance: 75 Ohms
  • UL listed
  • Black jacket

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