CLOSEOUT - 75 Foot S-Video/SVHS Cable

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1.76 LBS
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While S-Video connections have given way to other video connection technology designed for high definition connections, the fact remains that S-Video persists as the standard for older technologies such as VCR and some camcorders. S-Video is often utilized as a simple, albeit less advanced, alternative to other video signals. So if you have special need to view media via VCR or that old home video system from days past, S-Video may be just the ticket for you and we at Cables For Less have you covered with our quality, affordable Value S-Video/SVHS Cables.

  • For home theater, DSS receivers, VCRs, DVRs/PVRs, Camcorders, DVD players, and more
  • Low-Loss Fully-Shielded S-Video Cables
  • 4-Contact Mini-DIN Plug to Plug
  • Gold Plated
  • AWG28 Stranded Copper Center Conductors
  • Two 95% Shielded Spiral-Wound Inner Conductors
  • Fully Molded-5mm OD Flexible Black PVC Jacket