CLOSEOUT - Indoor / Outdoor Termination Box 8 Position SC Simplex, 1 Splice Tray 12FO, Plastic

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This termination/distribution box offers a robust ABS housing for up to 8 indoor or outdoor fiber terminations. Our terminations boxes are compatible with most adapter types and features 8 exit points for patch cables and 3 standard entry points for loose tube, tight buffer, pre-terminated, or steel armored cables. Each enclosure has integrated strength member tie positions and bend radius protection with the addition of a removable front door allowing for quick and easy installation and maintenance.

*Other LC Duplex or SC Simplex adaptors can be used in this box.

Note: adapters for this box are sold separately.


  • For indoor or outdoor wall mounting
  • Suitable for 8 SC simplex or 8 LC duplex adapters
  • Maximum 12 fibers in the splice tray
  • Waterproof IP65
  • Compatible with splitters with an OD ratio of 1:8
  • Lockable and includes fixation and splicing accessories


  • Function: Termination and distribution box
  • Optic Splitter Type: 1:8
  • Adapter: 8 SC simplex foot print
  • Splice Tray: 12 cores
  • Max OD Rations: 1:8
  • Dimensions: 220x180x50mm
  • Cable Entries: 3 cable glands PG13.5 (removable)

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