CLOSEOUT – Micro Care Precision Lens & Instrument Screen Cleaning Kit

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Optixx Precision Lens & Instrument Screen Cleaning Kit MCC-OTXCK



  • Engineered to high-performance optical systems, such as microscopes, lenses, flat-screen displays, diffraction gratings, mirrors, prisms, solar cells, laser hardware and scientific instruments
  • Removes dust, fingerprint oils, lint, dust, soot, particulate and industrial grime
  • Eliminates static cling that binds dust to surfaces, for better cleaning
  • Safe on all surfaces and chromatic coatings
  • Super Simple - Super Fast - Super Value
  • Ship anywhere as "Non-Hazardous/Not Regulated"

    Package Includes:

  • 100% Optical-Grade Lint-Free Wipes
  • 1 Bottle of Optical-Grade Cleaning Fluid

    Use the Optixx kit to clean optical lenses, metals, plastic, glass and coatings. The Wipes exceed A-A-50177B Type 1 standard, Class 4