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Which HDMI Cable do I buy?


Not sure on what kind of HDMI cable you need for your new Smart TV?


Well, you're not alone and the good news is that you've come to the right place.

At Cables For Less we realize that new technology can be a little overwhelming.


tv-back.jpeg laptop.jpg
The back of an average newer television (Note the HDMI Ports) In addition to Cable Boxes & DVD players many laptops now support HDMI


We're well aware of the challenges people face when trying to decide which HDMI cable is right for them. Basic questions such as why are there so many different variations, how are they actually different, etc. The best news is that even if after you have reviewed the information below you still have questions you can call us, we have U.S. based sales reps on hand to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at 1-800-273-8556. 



hdmiwhatmakesthemdifferent.png hdmivaluet.jpg 
 Value HDMI
Performance HDMI
Meets Current HDMI Version cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png
Gold-Plated Tip cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png
Ideal for High Definition Satellite / Cable Box cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png
Resolutions to 1080p cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png
Resolutions to 1440p cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png
Resolutions to 4k by 2k cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png
120Hz / 240Hz / 600Hz 
Refresh Rates
cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png
18Gbps Transfer Rate cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png
Ethernet Channel cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png
Audio Return Channel cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png
Additional Color Spaces cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png
3D Capability   cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png
In-Wall Rated   cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png
Ideal for Xbox One & Playstation 4   cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png
Ideal for Blu-ray   cflgreencheckmark.png cflgreencheckmark.png
Braided Mesh Protector     cflgreencheckmark.png
Heavy Duty Construction     cflgreencheckmark.png
Wire Gauge 30AWG 
Head Shell Construction Plastic Half-Metal Full-Metal



Meets Current HDMI Version - This simply means that our HDMI cables conform to the latest revision of the HDMI standard, offering you some very exciting new features! To learn more about HDMI, check this out.
Gold-Plated Tip - Gold is an excellent conductor of electricity, and also helps prevent corrosion.
Ideal for High Definition Satellite / Cable - Most HD satellite / cable boxes currently output a maximum resolution of 1080i @ 60Hz, with a few exceptions such as pay-per-view programming. This means that standard quality HDMI cables are capable of supporting your HD programming, but higher quality HDMI cables are more "future-proof."
Resolutions to 1080p / 1440p - Most TVs on the market today will boast a maximum resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080) @ 120Hz, which results in a very clear picture. Rest assured that our HDMI Cables are designed not only to support the audio / video equipment of today; our HDMI Cables are also ready to support the audio / video equipment of tomorrow, for years to come!
Resolutions to 4k by 2k - Top-of-the-line Digital Cinema Projectors are capable of 4k by 2k (4,000 lines wide by 2,000 lines high - roughly four times the resolution of a 1080p display). Such projectors will allow high-end home theaters to produce a movie experience similar to commercial movie theaters. Our Performance and ULTRA HDMI Cables are ready to handle the very high bandwidth that Digital Cinema Projectors require.
120Hz / 240Hz / 600Hz 
Refresh Rates
- Your equipment (i.e. DVD Player, TV, etc.) will ultimately determine the refresh rate at which your TV will operate; our cables will support any refresh rate found in consumer electronic devices on the market today.
18Gbps Transfer Rate - Our HDMI cables have been tested to transfer data at speeds above and beyond current HDMI specifications.
Ethernet Channel - One of the most exciting new features of the current HDMI revision is the addition of ethernet support. This means that many new devices will soon need only 1 cable for HD video, multi-channel audio AND internet!
Audio Return Channel - If your HDTV has a built-in tuner, it may also be capable of sending an audio signal back to your audio receiver. With our HDMI cables making the connection, you won't have to make a separate connection for audio; there is a channel built right into the cable specifically for this.
Additional Color Spaces - Some higher-end displays can show more colors than the average TV. Technologies such as "Deep Color" and "x.v.Color" can produce a very high quality picture, with stunning levels of detail. Our HDMI cables will fully support these technologies.
3D Capability - Watch your home theater come alive with 3D! Many new devices on the market today offer this exciting new feature. Our Performance and ULTRA cables are ready to go!
In-Wall Rated - CL2 rating meets building / fire code for new construction and existing structures. Our In-Wall HDMI cables will have no trouble passing inspection.
Ideal for Xbox One & Playstation 4 - Get the most out of your high definition gaming experience! Our Performance and ULTRA HDMI Cables will work perfectly with your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 (PS4)!
Ideal for Blu-Ray - Blu-ray players make use of the most advanced HDMI features; a higher quality HDMI cable is recommended to ensure that all of these features are properly experienced.
Braided Mesh Protector - For the ultimate protection! This nylon mesh is fire resistant, and adds another layer of protection to your investment!
Heavy Duty Construction - Built tough for rugged conditions, our ULTRA HDMI Cables feature a protective nylon braid, heavier-gauge wire and full-metal head shells to ensure maximum, consistent performance in any environment. Perfect for trade shows or any other high-traffic situation.
Wire Gauge - Wire gauge, in conjunction with the length of cable, can ultimately affect your HD Experience, especially when using higher-end devices such as a Blu-ray player; it is generally better to use a heavier-gauge wire when using these higher-end devices.
Head Shell Construction - To put it simply, a full-metal head shell offers the most durability, and more importantly - the greatest protection against EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). The back panel of your receiver is a busy place, with quite a few cables and connectors all coming in close contact with one another. Our ULTRA HDMI Cables will offer the best protection against potential interference!