Fiber Optic Launch Boxes

Fiber Optic Launch Box

 OTDR Launch Box, what is it?

Launch boxes go by several names, dead zone box, launch fiber, fiber ring, fiber optic launch cable, etc. The OTDR launch box comes in various packages. It doesn’t matter if they are called a fiber launch box, launch pulse suppressor, or OTDR launch cable they all perform the same task. Technicians conduct a quality test to look for fiber optic cable breaks and light loss in an installed network to eliminate the fiber optic cable breaks known as the "Dead Zone". The “Dead Zone” is a blind spot that will cause you to not see an event that is causing attenuation in the cable you are testing. The "Dead Zone" occurs when the light is too strong when it initially leaves the OTDR. When testing fiber optic cable with OTDR test equipment, the OTDR launch boxes remove the "Dead Zone". A Fiber Optic Launch Box is used to measure the relative loss at the near and far launch end of patch panel connections. The Pelican Box-design is used for durability. There a long spool of optical fiber with a pigtail on two ends. One of the pigtails is for input, connected to an OTDR, the other pigtail is for output, this connects with the optical fiber being tested. When connected to the corresponding port, the OTDR Launch Box is used to test the attenuation of the fiber link. We offer a variety of multimode cable box products for OTDR testing and dealing with high launch power that work with different connectors such as SC and LC.

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