Bulk Fire Alarm Cable

Fire Alarm Cable

Below is the list of Bulk Fire Alarm Cable products available here at Cables for Less. Each fire cable is suitable for use in smoke alarms, smoke detectors, pull boxes, burglar alarms, and any addressable fire alarm systems or fire protective circuits. Unless otherwise stated, all fire alarm cable products available here have solid bare copper conductors, though it is worth noting that some of these fire alarm wire products have two conductors whereas others have four. To tell, refer to the name of the product. If the name contains 14/2, 16/2, or 18/2, then it has two conductors, whereas our 16/4 and 18/4 fire alarm cables have four conductors. Each 1000 ft spool of cabling is also ETL listed and RoHS compliant. We offer both of the best FPL cable types: FPLR and FPLP cable, which mean power-limited (low voltage) fire Riser cable and Plenum cable, respectively. Do note that while Riser cables are safe for standard uses, they are not sufficient for use within plenum spaces.