Bulk Network Cable

Bulk CAT CableBulk Network Cable

Here you can find a complete offering of Bulk Network Cable (Cat5e cable, Cat6 cable, Cat6a cable, and more) in 1000ft boxes and spools. We carry all the most common colors and cable types and many of our bulk Ethernet cable products are Made in America! We've got solid and stranded cable, Riser (CMR) and Plenum cable (CMP), STP (shielded) and UTP cable (unshielded), and even specialty high quality bulk cable with quantity discounts in place making our prices on bulk network cables hard to beat. Some of our specialty bulk products include direct burial cable and networking cable bundled with coaxial cable. Also be sure to look out in the description to see what TIA standards each product meets or exceeds and what additional certifications it has, such as a UL listing. If there's a particular Ethernet network bulk cable you need but can't find you can always give us a call at 800-273-9556 and we'll be happy to help you find it. So, whether you need a standard spool of Cat5, shielded and Plenum rated Cat6A, or a bundled cable including a coax cable, you'll find it when you buy bulk Ethernet cables at Cables for Less!

Solid CAT5 Cable

Solid CAT5

Shielded CAT5 Cable

Shielded CAT5

Plenum CAT5 Cable

Plenum CAT5

Stranded CAT5 Cable

Stranded CAT5


Solid CAT6 Cable

Solid CAT6

Shielded CAT6 Cable

Shielded CAT6

Plenum CAT6 Cable

Plenum CAT6

Stranded CAT6 Cable

Stranded CAT6


Solid CAT6A Cable

Solid CAT6A

Shielded CAT6A Cable

Shielded CAT6A

Plenum CAT6A Cable

Plenum CAT6A


Outdoor Rated Network Cable

Outdoor Cable

Outdoor Network Cable

Direct Burial

Aerial Network Cable

Aerial - Tower


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If you'd like to learn more feel free to check out our handy guide - Network Cables Explained.

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