OM4 Fiber Optic Cables


OM4 50um multimode Laser optimized fiber optic cable from Cables For Less. OM4 fiber cable is is known for speed, how fast is it, try  10Gb/s, 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s. Our OM4 cable is perfect for high-throughput applications. The OM4 fiber cable features higher transmission rates and bandwidth than that of OM3 fiber and is capable of an effective modal bandwidth (EMB) of 4700 MHz/km at 850nm. The OM4 cable supports 10G up to 550 meters, 40G and 100G up to 150 meters and uses LED and VCSEL laser light sources. We carry LC/LC, LC/SC and SC/SC multimode OM4 cables. They provide fast, reliable communications. For a personalized quote on any cable or fiber accessory you may require contact or call (800) 273-9556.