About Tariffs

Tariffs, Taxes and Price Increases

Tariffs that have recently gone into effect have affected Cables For Less prices on nearly every product we carry whether manufactured domestic or overseas.


August 2018, Fiber Optic Cables, Patch Panels, Wall Plates, Cable Connectors, Keystone Jacks and more all saw a full 25% tax imposed. In addition virtually every other type of cable saw a minimum of a 10% tax charged. Most of these items also came with a promise that they would see a full 25% (or more) in 2019. This means at a minimum all of our products have seen an increase of 10% or more, most already a full 25% the rest… likely to be there soon as well.

The inventory in our Indiana warehouse is limited and costs are expected to continue to rise as this inventory is depleted and replenished from our supply chain. Our supply chain is also changing at this time. Many manufacturers have seen a major disruption (some have shut down) as a result of the current situation which has caused us to look for new opportunities to partner with others.

Cables For Less will continue to do all it can to offer high quality products at a fair and reasonable price as we navigate this period. During this time we may experience delays or slight differences in products as the manufacturer and sometimes even country of origin may change. Please understand that we will do all that we can but due to the volatile and highly unpredictable climate we cannot guarantee prices will not change without advanced notice.


We thank you for your understanding and continued business!