CLOSEOUT - Indoor Termination Box 36 Position SC Simplex, 1 Splice Tray 12FO, Plastic

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4.39 LBS

This high quality indoor termination box is lightweight and compact with 2 standard cable entry points and 36 simplex adapter ports within. Safely conceal your terminations and patches in this neat yet rugged installation. So let us help you with your small-scale organization and distribution of fiber cables and utilize our trusty indoor termination boxes!

*Other LC Duplex or SC Simplex adaptors can be used in this box.

Note: adapters for this box are sold separately.


  • Function: Wall mounted box
  • Adapter Capacity: 36 ports SC simplex foot print
  • Splitters: Fixed support bracket (2*32 or 4 splitters 1*8)
  • Cable Entries: 2 entries 20mm diameter and 1 oval 42*10mm
  • Splice Tray Type: 12 cores
  • Splice Tray Quantity: 5 pcs
  • Splicing Capacity: 60 splices
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 240X135X280mm

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