Custom Ethernet Cables

Our Custom Network Cables Are Hand Made

At Cables For Less, we can build a wide variety of custom network cables. We can build nearly every type of CAT or CAT6 cable you could ever need. Custom Shielded Cat6, A particular length of Plenum cable or a highly flexible stranded cable of certain color... we can do it! If you can't find exactly what you need then please call or email and we will do our best to provide you with top quality cables made here at Cables For Less by employees who are grateful for your business!

General Manager and Lead Custom Cable Tech - Tom Stanley: (800) 273-9556 ext 17 or


To get started just select from one of the options below, based on cable type, then select the length, color, qty. and other options and we'll get to work!

Note Because these custom network cables are built by hand by Cables For Less Employees, there may be a bit of lead time before your order ships (typically just a few days).