DisplayPort Male To HDMI Female Adapter

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Please Note: This adapter requires an HDMI Cable to complete the connection between you computer and display

HDMI and DisplayPort technologies have mutually broadened the electronics user's options and capabilities by leaps and bounds since their debut, with either cable type capable of carrying both audio and video signals of the utmost quality. Our DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter is designed to create a connection between a computer (or other DisplayPort formatted device) to any HDMI-enabled monitor or HDTV with simplicity and ease. Been considering connecting your computer to your television for an enhanced user experience? With the properly formatted devices, this adapter can get you there in a snap! So let us help you make the connections you've been dreaming of, and help us save the world... from high priced cables.


  • Female HDMI port to male DisplayPort connector
  • Supports high definition audio and video up to 1080p
  • Connects DisplayPort formatted computers/devices to any HDMI monitor or TV
  • HDCP compliant


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