Modular Fiber Patch Panels


Our Fiber Optic offerings are designed to provide you with everything you need to connect your fiber optic network, from the fiber cables, high density patch panels, termination boxes and cleaning supplies. Our fiber optic cables are available with various combinations of LC, SC, ST, FC, MTP/MPO and MTRJ connectors.  OM1 & OM2 Stock cables in 1 to 15 meter lengths. We also offer OM3 cables up to 30 meters and OM4 up to 100 meters. Singlemode 1 to 50 Meter lengths. 

If these parameters do not meet your fiber needs, take a look at our Custom Fiber Optic Cable Calculator to create yourself a custom cable. If you have even further specific needs beyond our calculators, please email our resident fiber specialists for a fast and personalized quote on any cable or fiber accessory you require. We at Cables For Less are here to ensure you get the connections you need at the best price and fastest turn time.

To get in touch with one of our Fiber Specialists you can email or call (800) 273-9556.

Do you have general questions about fiber optics? Need to brush up on your working knowledge of fiber or are you just curious? Take a look at our Fiber Optics Explained page and learn about all things Fiber Optic! 

Can't find a pre-loaded patch panel that fits your networking needs? Not a problem! Make your very own customized patch panel to fit your rack-mount applications right here. Begin with a modular patch panel (below), then select Modular Patch Panel Plates and Adapters to your specifications! Our plates and adapters are manufactured to fit perfectly with our custom modules, so order with confidence and get exactly what you need to patch your fiber network!